Ads Free Subscription Plan: Now you will have to pay Rs 1,665 every month to use Facebook and Instagram, this is the company’s new plan

Ads free Facebook and Instagram: Meta will soon charge monthly fees from users to run Facebook and Instagram. The company will charge $14 from users every month.

Meta SNA plan: To run Facebook and Instagram, European users may have to pay 14 dollars i.e. approximately Rs 1,665 to Meta every month. The company has prepared a new plan for EU. Under this plan, people will not see ads on Facebook and Instagram. That is, in a way you can also call it an ads free subscription plan. According to the WSJ report, the company has shared the new plan with digital competition regulators in Ireland and Brussels, as well as privacy regulators in the European Union.

More money will be required for additional account

According to the WSJ report, Meta plans to charge European users about 10 euros, or $10.46, for a monthly subscription to Facebook or Instagram on desktop, with about 6 euros added for each additional account. That means there will be a separate charge for the additional account. Subscriptions for mobile devices are said to cost around 13 euros per month as Meta will include the commission charged by Apple and Google’s app stores on in-app payments.

Why is the company bringing AIDS free subscription?

Social media giant Meta told regulators it plans to launch an ads-free subscription (SNA) plan for European users in the coming months, giving users access to Facebook and Instagram with or without personalized ads. There will be an option to choose from. The company has brought this plan because EU has advised Meta not to target users with ads without their consent. If the company does this then EU can take strict action on Meta. To avoid this, Meta is making a new plan. It is currently unclear whether regulators in Ireland or Brussels will find Meta’s new SNA plan in line with EU rules.

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