Bank Locker Rules: Big News! Now only these things can be kept in bank locker, check new rules immediately

Bank Locker Update: If you also use a bank locker, now you will be able to keep only selected things in it. The Reserve Bank of India has changed the rules related to this and has also asked banks to enter into new contracts. Read this news…

Many of us use bank lockers to protect everything from jewelery to important documents. If you also keep a locker in the bank or are planning to do so soon, then you should know the new rules related to it. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also given instructions to banks for this.

RBI says banks will now have to renew locker rental contracts with their customers. This contract will be prepared according to the new rules, in which it will be clearly mentioned what kind of goods the customers can keep in their locker and what kind they cannot.
Only these things can be kept in the locker

According to the new rules of RBI, now customers will be able to keep only legally valid items like jewelery and important documents in the bank locker. The contract with the bank will tell the customer in detail what kind of goods are allowed to be kept and what kind are not.

Not only this, bank lockers will now be given to customers only for their personal use. These will be non-transferable. Indian Banks Association will make a model agreement. On this basis, banks will prepare contracts to be made with their customers.

The bank will bear the cost of stamp paper

The Bank will bear the cost of stamp paper for renewal of contracts of existing locker customers of the Bank. Whereas other customers will have to pay the cost of stamp paper of the contract for taking bank locker.

There will be a ban on keeping these items

Many people keep things in their bank locker which are not legally valid. Sometimes it is also harmful. Now RBI has also made it clear what things customers cannot keep in their locker.

It has been said by the Central Bank that now customers will not be able to keep cash or foreign currency in their locker. Along with this, there will also be a ban on possessing weapons, drugs or medicines, prohibited substances or any dangerous or poisonous items.

The bank will get relief from these responsibilities

Along with this, the agreement that will be signed between the bank and the customer. In such a situation, the bank will be relieved from many responsibilities. For example, the Bank will not be responsible for any misuse or illegal use of the password or key of the bank locker. It will be the responsibility of the customer only.

The customer will have the right to keep his luggage in the locker. The bank will have to protect it and if the bank fails to do so, it will have to compensate the customer as per the rules relating to this from time to time.

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