Bride did such a stunt on the wedding photoshoot that people were left in awe, couldn’t control laughing after watching the video.

A wedding video is going viral on social media, in which a couple is doing such a strange photoshoot that after watching it, you will hold your head and will not be able to control your laughter.

New Delhi: Videos of strange entry of bride and groom in weddings make a lot of headlines on social media. In some cases, the bride and groom reach the stage by hanging from a rope and in others by tearing the ground. But in a recent video, such a strange photoshoot of the bride and groom is visible, that you will be shocked to see who does such a thing in their wedding. You will be shocked to see the new experiments taking place in weddings.

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Stunting of bride and groom

In this video shared on Instagram, a girl is seen in the bridal gown, while there is a boy with her wearing a red shirt. In the caption it has been described as a new way of wedding photoshoot. Looking at the video, it seems that the girl is ready to do anything to do something different in her wedding. That’s why, wearing a heavy wedding lehenga, she starts doing strange stunts. This girl, wearing a lehenga, a chunari on her head and a bride laden with jewellery, performs amazing stunts. Climbing on the boy with the help of his legs, she places one of her feet under his head and places the other foot on his feet and stands straight, hanging in the air.

People said- make sure the bone doesn’t break

This video has been viewed millions of times and has received more than 1 lakh 19 thousand likes. People are making funny comments on the video. One user commented and wrote, Papa’s angel, trying to fly with Papa’s bat. While the other one wrote, she is telling that she will remain on her chest like this. The third wrote, just do it, his bone will break.

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