Challan Rules: Big Update! Challan If you make these 4 changes in the car then you will be fined, know these rules

Challan For Illegal Car Modifications: Although it has become common to modify cars, there are many modifications which are illegal. Challan may be deducted if these modifications are made.

Many people know that modifications can make the car look cooler, but they do not know that many modifications are also illegal. Let us give you information about 4 such car modifications, if done, challan can be deducted.

Fancy Number Plate: Many people get numbers written in different designs on their car number plates and also get other things written on them apart from the number. It is illegal to do so. A challan may be issued for this.

Air Horn: Do not install loud or strange sounding horns in cars as they are banned. For this the police can issue you a challan. Actually, air horns are banned.

Dark Sun Film: Completely blackening of car mirrors is prohibited in India. For this, chard can be cut. Therefore, do not darken the car mirrors completely.

Bull Bars/Crash Guards: Some people install bull bars or crash guards on the front bumper of the car, although it is illegal to install it and the police can issue a challan for it.

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