Dhanashree’s bo*ld avatar came out again, people said – ‘She is happy without playing the World Cup’

Yuzvendra Chahal remains a part of social media and news about his wife more than his cricket. At this time, the bo*ld pictures of his wife Dhanashree Verma have created a stir. The special thing about these pictures is that Yuzvendra is also seen along with Dhanashree.

During this time the wife had clicked a selfie in which her bo*ld style is clearly visible. Yuzvendra Chahal standing at the back is also visible. With this post, Dhanashree had written, “Behind the scenes of our day.” Lots of comments are coming in and people are also seeing reactions.

One wrote, “Justice for Iyer…Justice for Iyer…Justice for Iyer.” Another wrote, “The only Indian player who is happy even without playing the World Cup.” One said, “Oh God, what a thing you have made of this money.” One wrote, “Which temple did Chahal Bhai go to?”

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Many such comments are coming out but Dhanashree has not replied to anyone. Dhanashree Verma is currently making waves on social media. The cricketer’s wife is also known for her dance on social media platforms. She keeps entertaining fans with her dance videos.

Some time ago she shared her pictures and in this she is looking beautiful in a blue one-piece dress, and her fashion sense is getting a lot of praise from her fans. Yuzvendra is often seen with her in pictures and videos and sometimes she also dances. Right now you can see these pictures of her which are going viral indiscriminately.

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