Flight service Close: Flight service of this airline Closed on 8 routes and reduced service on 10 routes, check here

According to a report, the airline’s flights per week declined from 945 in June to 754 in October. Akasa Air currently operates flights on 34 routes.

Akasa pilot crisis: Private sector airline Akasa Air is going through a crisis. The impact of the sudden resignation of pilots from Akasa Air is also being seen on the airline’s flight services. Since July, Akasa Air has reduced service on 10 routes and stopped flights on eight others.

On which route the flights are stalled: According to the data report of aviation analytics firm Cirium, the airline’s flights per week decreased from 945 in June to 754 in October. Akasa Air currently operates flights on 34 routes. According to the report, between June and October, Akasa Air stopped flight services on Ahmedabad-Kochi, Ahmedabad-Hyderabad, Ahmedabad-Pune, Bengaluru-Hyderabad, Bengaluru-Chennai, Kochi-Hyderabad, Goa-Lucknow and Goa-Hyderabad routes. Is.

Let us tell you that between July and September, 43 pilots have left Akasa Air without completing their mandatory notice period. According to the contract, all of them had to serve a notice period of six months to one year. Akasa has also approached the court against this. The airline has initiated legal action in the Bombay High Court against five of the 43 pilots, demanding adequate compensation. At the same time, action has also been demanded from DGCA, the body that regulates aviation. Akasa Airline currently has a fleet of 30 aircraft, all B737 Max aircraft.

In which routes flight services reduced: According to the data, between June and October, the airline has significantly reduced flights on 10 routes including Delhi-Hyderabad, Goa-Bengaluru, Kochi-Bengaluru, Ahmedabad-Bengaluru and Mumbai-Kochi. The airline had scheduled around 45 flights per week in June on the Goa-Bengaluru route, which was reduced to 12 per week in October.

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