Hathras: Market closed in protest against theft in goldsmith’s shop

Hathras, 14 November (H.S.). In Bisawar of Sadabad Kotwali area, the angry traders closed the market on Monday morning due to the theft from the goldsmith’s shop not being disclosed yet. The traders are demanding the disclosure of the incident of theft.

Praveen Agarwal, who lives in Bisawar town, has a goldsmith’s shop in the town itself. The shopkeeper told that he closed the shop on Thursday evening as usual and went to his house. The next morning when he came to the shop, seeing the condition of the shop, his senses were blown away. The locks of the shop were broken and the jewelery kept inside was missing. According to Praveen, 15 kg of silver and 250 grams of gold were stolen from the shop.

Hathras: Market closed in protest against theft in goldsmith’s shop

At the same time, another shopkeeper broke the locks of Yash Kendra’s shop, but the thieves could not steal anything from here. The incident was reported to the police. On getting information, the police reached the spot and checked the CCTV. The thieves who were absconding after carrying out the incident were caught on CCTV. The police claimed to have uncovered the incident soon. But due to non-disclosure of theft so far, the anger of the traders flared up on Monday and the traders closed the market and demanded the disclosure of the theft incident.

Merchant Praveen Aggarwal says that three days ago there was a theft from my shop. No action has been taken yet. Therefore the market has been closed with the cooperation of all the traders.

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