Indian Railways Rule: Now train tickets can be booked instantly through Indian Railways’ UTS app without standing in queues, now how

UTS App: Passengers taking unreserved tickets can book tickets from their mobile without standing in line. For this they only need to download the UTS app. You can book tickets in a few minutes.

If you have to go on a journey suddenly and are worried after seeing a long queue at the ticket window at the railway station, then there is no need to panic. If you have a mobile phone then your problem can become easier in a jiffy. You can get unreserved tickets without standing in line. For this you download the UTS mobile application of Indian Railways.

It is easy to book some train tickets for trains like unreserved, platform and season tickets. UTS ticket booking will make the traveling experience of railway passengers easier. Especially for those who travel by train daily or want to go on an unplanned trip. To use the app, passengers need to register themselves on the app using their mobile number and create a password. Once registered, you can use the app to book tickets, check ticket availability and get train schedules. Passengers can also use the app to cancel their tickets if needed.

Through this app, unreserved tickets can be taken to go from any station to another station in India, but through this, tickets can be booked neither sitting at home nor by reaching inside the railway station. To book a ticket, the passenger will have to be present outside the railway station. From there, tickets can be booked by entering information in this app. Most of the passengers are not aware of this. Due to this, they stand in line at the station for several hours to get unreserved tickets.

What is UTS On Mobile App?

UTS On Mobile App is an Indian Railways official Android mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets.

Who can use Uts App?

This service is not available to anyone under 17 years of age or previously suspended or removed from services by Indian Railways.

UTS App Details: Unreserved Ticket System (UTS) is a mobile application launched in 2014 by Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), a subsidiary of Indian Railways, to create or cancel unreserved train tickets, book seasonal tickets, pass To renew and purchase platform tickets has been launched. ,

This initiative saves passengers from standing in long queues to purchase Printed Card Tickets (PCT) for local train travel or platform visits. This benefits travelers who travel frequently and need to go somewhere unexpectedly. The UTS app is free to download for both Android and iOS platforms from the respective app stores.

Types of UTS Train Ticket Booking: Passengers can book five different types of train tickets using the official Android mobile ticketing app:

General ticket booking
Quick ticket booking
Platform ticket booking
Season Ticket Booking/Renewal
QR Booking

How to download uts app

  • Find the UTS Mobile app on Google Play or Apple iOS and download it.
  • Sign up for the app with your phone number, name, gender and date of birth.
  • A password generator will be available. Create a personal and memorable password for your UTS app.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the UTS Mobile App.
  • Click on Register button.
  • Enter your user ID and password to book tickets.
  • Follow these steps to book train tickets (normal booking)
    Choose between paperless and paper
  • Select “Departing from” and “Going to” stations.
  • Select “Next” and then “Get Fare.”
  • Press the “Book Ticket” button. Pay your fare using various methods including R-Wallet/UPI/Net Banking/Card.
  • -Tickets can be viewed by selecting “Show Ticket” option in the UTS app. Paper tickets can be printed at the source or normal booking counter using the booking ID received in a notification in the UTS app.

How to recharge R-Wallet on UTS app

  • Tap on the R-Wallet icon on the UTS app.
  • Select recharge wallet.
  • Enter the amount to be recharged.
  • Pay through UPI, Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card.
  • Once you complete the process, the money is added to your R-Wallet.
  • Users of UTS app will get 3% bonus on R-Wallet charges.

Rules for using the UTS Mobile Ticketing App

  • Passengers using the unreserved ticket booking app can board the train three hours after booking.
  • To book platform tickets you need to be within 2 km of the station or 15 meters of the railway track.
  • Passengers can purchase seasonal tickets for three, six or twelve months.

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