iPhone Ban: Government employees will not be able to use iPhone! Government’s strict order, if not followed then action will be taken

iPhone Ban: iPhone BAN: The Chinese government has issued this order for government employees, if this rule is not followed, the employees may face a lot of trouble.

iPhone BAN at Workplace: iPhone is used extensively in many countries of the world including India. Be it government employees or private employees, many people use iPhone, but recently the government of a country has stopped its government employees from using iPhone and has also implemented a new rule for it. Which every government employee will have to convince. Let us tell you that this is not the decision of the Government of India, but India’s neighboring country China has started this rule for its government employees, due to which many employees will have objections.

It has been revealed in the report

According to a recent report, China has ordered all central government employees to stop using Apple iPhones and other foreign devices for official business. The new policy appears to be a step taken by China in an effort to reduce its dependence on foreign technology and prevent sensitive information from leaving the country. Employees of some central agencies have been instructed by their seniors not to bring such devices to the office through chat groups or meetings, but it is not yet clear whether this rule has been implemented across the country or is limited to some. Limited to agencies only.

For many years, China has completely prevented government officials in some agencies from using iPhones. But from the latest instructions it can be understood that the Chinese government is very clear about this matter. Let us tell you that the tension between China and America could also be the reason for this decision.

Apple’s dependence on China

Apple’s iPhones dominate China’s high-end smartphone market and are popular with both the government and private sectors in the country. In such a situation, if iPhone is banned for government employees in China, it will cause loss to America.

Espionage can also be a big reason

Let us tell you that espionage can also be a major reason behind this decision. Actually, there is tension going on between China and America and in such a situation, China probably feels that no sensitive information can reach America by using iPhone, hence central government officials are being stopped from using iPhone. This could be a big reason, although there is no confirmation as to why this has been done, yet there is a strong possibility that the government may take such a step to stop the flow of personal information.

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