Railways Rule: Big News! Adopt this method if caught without ticket, you will not have to pay fine

Railways Rule: While traveling by train, many times you have to face such situations that the train is about to leave, there are long queues at the ticket counter and you are not able to get the ticket. Then if you have to face many problems after boarding the train without a ticket, then there is no need to panic. Know some special rules of Indian Railways so that you do not face any problem during the train journey.

Now if you are traveling in train without ticket then there is no problem. Under the new rules, Indian Railways gives relaxation to many people in reservation.

Let us tell you that from this April, Railways has also started the facility of giving tickets inside the train. Due to which passengers without tickets can contact TTE and get tickets. Remember that after catching the train, you should contact the TTE yourself and inform them about your situation, in such a situation, as per the rules of Indian Railways, you can get your ticket made from the TTE only. Under this facility, a hand held machine was given to the TTE. With the help of which TTE will give tickets to the passengers inside the train itself.

This hand held machine connects to the server of the Railway Passenger Reservation System. As soon as the passenger asks for the ticket, the ticket will come out as soon as the name and place are entered in the machine. With the help of the machine, information about vacant berths in the train can also be easily obtained.


If the waiting list of any passenger has not been cleared, then he can go to the TTE and show his ticket and get the information about the vacant seat and get it confirmed, if the seats are vacant or if no passenger has come on any seat. It is being told that with this decision of Railways, the black earning of TTE is also being curbed.

The second thing is that you can also download uts app on your phone, which is the official ticketing app of Indian Railways, through this you can book platform ticket, unreserved ticket.

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