Rainfall Alert: Heavy rain in next 84 hours in 5 states, snowfall in hilly states, know forecast

Warning of heavy rain has been issued in more than a dozen states. The rainy season is going to continue in the eastern states including Bengaluru, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

IMD Weather Update: The weather pattern has changed. Heavy rain is being seen in many cities. Due to rain in South India, a situation of water logging has arisen. Even today rain has been predicted in seven states. It is raining intermittently in some areas of Jharkhand. Whereas yellow alert of heavy rain has been issued in parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Rain will continue in these areas till 15th.

The Meteorological Department has predicted changes in the weather in the hilly states also. According to the Meteorological Department, western disturbance may become active in Rajasthan. Which will affect the states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh etc. Apart from this, significant changes can be seen in the weather in Haryana, Punjab and the capital Delhi also.

Withdrawal of monsoon

The withdrawal line of monsoon from the southeast is passing through Gulmarg, Dharamshala, Mukteshwar, Pilibhit and Ashoknagar, Indore, Vadodara and Porbandar. A low pressure area may be active in western parts of West Bengal today. Due to which the condition of cyclonic circulation can turn into depression. A western disturbance has been predicted to be active in Rajasthan by the end of this week. Due to which light rain may occur.

New western disturbance will be active

According to Jaipur Meteorological Center, a new western disturbance will be active in the western parts of the state on October 15. There is a possibility of light rain in the border areas of western Rajasthan and some parts of Bikaner, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh. The maximum impact of western cyclone will be seen on 20th October. Due to which significant changes can be seen in the weather in some areas of Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana including Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ajmer and Jaipur divisions.

Red orange alert of heavy to very heavy rain

Here, a red orange alert has been issued for heavy to very heavy rain in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Arunachal Pradesh. The Meteorological Department has clarified in its forecast that heavy to very heavy rain will be seen in South Interior Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from this, there may be light rain with thunder in Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Bihar.

A warning of lightning along with rain has been issued in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, while snowfall and thunderstorms along with rain have been predicted in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Himachal.

Due to intermittent heavy rains in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, there has been a situation of water logging. Alerts have been declared in schools and colleges. Any important decision will be taken considering the rain situation. At present this trend is going to continue for 3 to 4 days. A situation of storm may also arise along with thunder, heavy rain.

Snowfall in high altitude areas of Lahaul Spiti

Snowfall has started in the high altitude areas of Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. With the start of snowfall, there may be a significant change in the weather in Delhi due to the cold wind coming from North India. It was hot in the capital Delhi on Monday. The sky will be cloudy on Tuesday. There is a possibility of rain at 10 places. Light to moderate rain may be seen over Assam Meghalaya during the 24 hours while there is a possibility of rain over West Bengal and Sikkim. There may be light rain in the hilly areas of North India. There will be good rain in the southern part of the country including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and some parts of South Interior Karnataka.

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