Scary ‘witch’ from ‘The Nun’ seen roaming on the streets of Delhi, people sweat in fear after watching the video

Imagine what would happen if you were out for a walk late in the evening on the road and a scary nun appeared in front of you. Obviously you will also start sweating. Same thing happened with some people in Delhi also.

If you have seen ‘The Nun’ and its sequel, ‘The Nun 2’, then you will definitely remember that horror movie Nun. Imagine what would happen if you were out for a walk on the road late in the evening or at night and a terrifying nun comes in front of you. Obviously you will also start sweating. Something similar happened with some people in Delhi, when the same terrible looking witch with the name ‘The Demon Nun’ was seen on the streets of Delhi (Delhi Woman Demonic Nun Makeup). After reading this Surely you must have started sweating due to fear (scary video), but wait, the truth behind this is something else. Actually, before Halloween (Scary Nun Transformation), a woman scared the people of Delhi in a similar manner, seeing which they were stunned.

Amazing makeup

Dressed in white and black like a true demon, the realistic makeup by famous makeup artist Iza Setia made her look exactly like the scary nun from ‘The Nun’ franchise. Gave. She went out on the streets late in the evening to see the reaction of the people of Delhi on her scary look. In the video shared on Instagram, people can be seen getting scared after seeing him. Captioning the video, he wrote, ‘As they say courage’.

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People started screaming out of fear

In the video, Iza Setia can be seen peeking out of her car on the streets of Delhi (Delhi Halloween Enthusiast). During this, a person praised her makeup (Halloween Glam) and described it as really scary (Spooky Halloween Look), while a girl was seen hiding her face out of fear. A woman (Makeup Artistry) was captured on camera running away in fear. While some people started laughing after seeing them and started making videos (Costume and Makeup Inspiration). This video (Halloween Transformation) has received about 7 lakh likes (Creative Costume Ideas) on Instagram in just 3 days.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, Oh my God, the best thing I saw today on the internet (delhi haunted place). Another wrote, definitely want to meet this ghost. The third wrote Haha, you are crazy…amazing talent.

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