Solar Eclipse 2023: Solar eclipse will take place on October 14, know whether it will be visible in India or not

Solar Eclipse Date 2023: Solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon but solar and lunar eclipse have special significance in astrology. The second solar eclipse of the year is going to occur on 14 October.

Surya Grahan 2023: Eclipse has special significance in astrology. According to the Vedic calendar, solar and lunar eclipses occur every year. Whenever a solar or lunar eclipse occurs, it definitely impacts the lives of all people. From the religious point of view the event of eclipse is not considered auspicious. There will be four eclipses in the year 2023. Solar eclipse is very important for everyone from religious and scientific point of view. Astrologer Dr. Anish Vyas told that the second solar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place on October 14, 2023.

The second solar eclipse of the year will take place in this zodiac sign.

This eclipse will start at 8:34 pm on Saturday, October 14, and will end at 2:25 am. This eclipse will be a Kankanakriti solar eclipse, which will occur on the new moon date of Ashwin month. The special thing is that the solar eclipse occurring on the new moon day of Ashwin month will occur in Virgo and Chitra Nakshatra. There are going to be 2 solar eclipses this year. One solar eclipse occurred in the month of April while the second solar eclipse is going to occur in October. This will be called Kankan solar eclipse. This will be an annular solar eclipse which will not occur in India.

However, the second solar eclipse of the year will be a penumbral eclipse, due to which its effect will not be in India. According to Indian time, the eclipse will last from 8:34 pm to 2:25 am. However, its effect will not be visible much on any zodiac sign.

What is solar eclipse

The astrologer told that according to the beliefs of Hindu religion, the Sutak period of eclipse has great importance, hence no auspicious work is done during this period. Eclipse has great importance in Hindu religion. Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are considered important events from both astronomical and religious point of view. When the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, the sunlight does not reach the Earth. This has been named solar eclipse. Annular solar eclipse is called when the distance between the Moon and the Earth is so much that the Moon comes exactly in the middle of the Sun, in such a situation a ring like shape is formed around the Sun, this eclipse is also called annular solar eclipse. It is said.

Will it be seen in India or not

The astrologer told that the second solar eclipse of the year will occur on October 14, which will not be visible in India. Therefore, it will not have any religious significance in the country. This solar eclipse will be visible starting from Texas, passing through Mexico as well as parts of Central America, Colombia and Brazil and reaching Alaska and Argentina. It will not be visible in India, hence its Sutak period will not be valid. According to Indian time, the solar eclipse will start at 8:34 in the night and will last till 2:25 in the midnight.

Where will the solar eclipse be visible?

Astrologer said that the second solar eclipse of the year will be visible in North America, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Barbados, Peru, Uruguay, Antigua, Venezuela, Jamaica, Haiti, Paraguay, Brazil, except the areas of South America. , Dominica, Bahamas, etc.

Fear of natural disasters

The astrologer said that due to the eclipse, there will be more outbreaks of natural disasters than before. There are indications of earthquake, flood, tsunami, plane crashes, return of some big criminal to the country. There is very little possibility of loss of life in a natural disaster. Sad news from films and politics. There will be a boom in business. There will be reduction in diseases. Employment opportunities will increase.

Income will increase. Possibility of plane crash. Political instability i.e. political environment will be high all over the world. There will be more political allegations and counter-allegations. There will be changes in the power organization. Tension will start on the borders all over the world. There may be situations of agitation, violence, protests, strikes, bank scams, plane crashes, plane malfunctions, riots and arson in the country.

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