Retirement Age Hike: Increase in retirement age of government employees by 3 years; Age will be increased from 62 to 65, proposal ready

The retirement age of government doctors can be increased by 3 years by the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. A proposal has been prepared for this. Which can be approved in the cabinet meeting today. Doctors Retirement Age Hike: Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh will give a big gift to government employees and doctors today. … Read more

Retirement Age Hike: Increase in retirement age of these employees, service benefits up to 42 years

An important decision has been taken by the state government for the employees. Their retirement age has been increased. Now employees who have completed 42 years of service will be retired. In such a situation, in case of minimum appointment of 18 years, the officer will get retirement at the age of 60 years after … Read more