IMD Weather Today: Heavy rain in 5 states today, weather will change in 10 states, know the weather forecast in the states.

Fog and pink cold may soon be seen in Delhi, indicating the possibility of rain next week. The weather department has predicted light rain from Sunday. A drop of 5 degrees has been recorded in the minimum temperature. IMD Alert: Due to low pressure, there are going to be significant changes in the weather in … Read more

Rainfall Alert: Heavy rain in next 84 hours in 5 states, snowfall in hilly states, know forecast

Warning of heavy rain has been issued in more than a dozen states. The rainy season is going to continue in the eastern states including Bengaluru, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. IMD Weather Update: The weather pattern has changed. Heavy rain is being seen in many cities. Due to rain in South India, a situation of water … Read more