Tejashwi Yadav fiercely attacked the Education Minister on Ramcharit Manas issue – News India Live

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav has advised Education Minister Chandrashekhar regarding Ramcharit Manas. He has said that the Education Minister should focus on his department. He should talk about the department of which he is the minister. We are people of all religions and all emotions. State Education Minister Chandrashekhar has once again given a controversial statement regarding Ramcharit Manas. Due to which the politics of Bihar has heated up.

All these things should not happen.

Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav said that all these things should not happen at all. Media should also not spread negative things. Media should give more emphasis on positive things. So that the education department in the state can be improved. Teachers have started going to school every day. These matters should be discussed in the media.

What statement did Chandrashekhar give?

Earlier, Bihar Education Minister Dr. Chandrashekhar has once again given a controversial statement regarding Ramcharitmanas. He said that Ramcharitmanas contains potassium cyanide. Along with this, Chandrashekhar also said that he will continue his protest against Ramcharitmanas. Speaking at the program of Bihar Hindi Granth Academy on the occasion of Hindi Day, Education Minister Chandrashekhar said that what is the meaning of the fourth part of Aranya Kand of Ramcharitmanas, Pujahi Vipra Sakal Gunahina, Shudra Na Pujan Veda Praveena? He asked in a questioning tone, doesn’t this song say wrong things about caste?

What will my neck be worth?

Commenting on Ramcharitmanas, Education Minister Chandrashekhar said that last time when I had expressed my views on Sunderkand Chaupai, I had to pay the price for it by getting my tongue cut. At that time its price was fixed at Rs 10 crore. Now that I have given this statement, it will be a big thing for me. Chandrashekhar asked, then what will be the value of my neck?

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