Traffic Challan: Big News ! Do not use phone while driving, so much fine will you be charged

Traffic Police issued warning: An alert has been issued by the authorities in Dubai regarding traffic rules in which it has been said that if they are violating the traffic rules by avoiding the eyes of the police, then it can prove to be dangerous for them.

Officials have said that many times it has been seen that the accused drive while using mobile phones and then put down the phones when they see the police. Dubai Police has said that along with the police, technology also keeps an eye on people who violate traffic rules.

Police have said that radars and surveillance cameras also keep an eye on

Dubai Police has clearly informed that the accused violating traffic rules are also monitored through radars and surveillance cameras. Therefore, they should not do anything that could create any danger.

Heavy fine will be imposed

If any driver does it online, he will be fined Dh800. Besides this, 4 black points will also be given. Drivers have been appealed not to use mobile phones while driving.

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