UK Visa Fee Hike: Big news for students and visitors! British visa fees will increase from today, view details

The visa fee hike proposed by the British government will come into effect from Wednesday, making travel to Britain costlier for people from around the world, including Indians.

The increase in visa fees by the British government will come into effect from today i.e. 4th October. This will make travel to Britain expensive for people from all over the world, including Indians. As per PTI report, a visit visa for less than 6 months will cost £15 and a student visa will cost more than £127. From today the price of a visit visa for less than 6 months will increase to £115 and the price of applying for a student visa will increase to £490. This will make studying in Britain expensive for Indian students and other foreign students.

British Home Office justified the rate hike

Justifying the rate increase, a British Home Office spokesperson said, “It is right and appropriate to increase visa application fees as it will allow us to properly fund vital public services and contribute to public sector salaries.” To allow nutrition.”

Rishi Sunak had announced the fees

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a fee hike in July to maintain the country’s public sector pay rise, with fees paid by visa applicants for the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS) and Health Searches will be increased “significantly”. Some time ago Sunak said, “We are going to increase the fee that immigrants who come to this country have to pay when they apply for a visa, it is called the Immigration Health Charge (IHS) “These fees are a levy they pay to access the NHS.”

GBP will increase by more than 1 billion

The spokesperson added: “All of these fees are going to increase and that will amount to an increase of over GBP 1 billion, so visa application fees are going to increase significantly across the board and so will IHS.” The Home Office said the cost of most work and visit visas would increase by 15%, and the cost of priority visas, study visas and sponsorship certificates would increase by at least 20%.

Increasing visa fees is unfair

Calling the fee hike “divisive”, the UK Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said, “Raising visa fees for people making their home in the UK is unfair, divisive and dangerous, especially given the cost of living.” During the crisis.” This move could make life difficult for all of us. “With families already left without cash for essentials due to high visa fees, they are saving from month to month to save for the visa.”

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