Vamika Gabbi crossed the limits of boldness, danced wearing a bikini and then removed her bra in front of the camera

Wamiqa Gabbi Video: Wamiqa Gabbi has literally taken the internet by storm with her steamy scenes in Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest film ‘Khufia’ released on Netflix. In the film, Vamika plays actor Ali Fazal’s wife named Charu, who is unaware of her husband’s misdeeds.

Vamika Gabi’s s*xual style

Soon after ‘Khufiya’ dropped on Netflix on Thursday, netizens started sharing steamy scenes of Vamika on Twitter. In one of the videos, Vamika in the role of Charu can be seen dancing to ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ wearing a bikini. In the second video, her s*x scene with Ali Fazal is shown. While sharing the video of Vamika’s dance, a user wrote, “Vamika Gabi is very hot.” Another user wrote, “Vibe with Vamika Gabi”

What is the story of the film?

Vamika is getting a lot of praise for her acting in ‘Khufiya’. The film ‘Khufiya’ is a story of love, loyalty, revenge and betrayal. It is about a RAW agent who is on a mission to catch a man who is leaking confidential information from the department. Tabu is the investigator of the case and Ali Fazal is her prime suspect, the story promises multiple layers of mystery behind the main conspirator. Whether the identity of the alleged ‘traitor’ is that easy to find out is for the audience to decide.

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