Viral Video: Video of a boy riding a bicycle with a refrigerator on his head goes viral; People said is it neck or iron?

Fridge On Head: In a video, a man is seen carrying what looks like a refrigerator on his head while cycling, which has taken the internet by storm.

There is a different pleasure in drinking cold water in the summer season. Whether you have come back from the scorching heat or have walked a long distance, a sip of cold water is enough to refresh you. We all know that we get cold water from the refrigerator. But when due to some reason we are not able to drink cold water kept in the fridge, then we also think that we should always keep it with us. Many times it happens or we get stuck in such a situation that we do not get water from the fridge, then it feels like we wish we could carry the fridge with us everywhere. But this does not seem possible. Isn’t it? If you also think the same then your thinking is wrong!

Actually, a video is going viral on social media in which a person is carrying his fridge with him wherever he goes. In this reel going viral on Instagram, a person is seen balancing what looks like a refrigerator on his head while riding a bicycle. A user named @barstoolsports has shared this video, in which we see a man pedaling through the city streets with a fridge above his head. The video’s text reads, “NYC [New York City] is different man”. The caption reads, “World’s Strongest Neck.” Watch the full reel here:

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The viral video has received more than 7 million views so far. People have also shared their thoughts by making funny comments on this video. While some people were stunned by this feat, some also made some funny jokes. Some people also believe that this video is fake.

Read comments here:

“This Can’t Be Real? This Is Insanity”.
“There’s no chance it’s real”.
“It Looks Like It’s Getting the Basic Laws of Physics Wrong”.
“How did it get into his head in the first place?”
“Dude’s got Kurt Angle’s neck strength”.
“How the brain freeze started”.
“This man should join the circus”.
“Great way to stay fit”.
“I wish my relationship was as strong as his neck”.
“It must be cake”.
“Is this the guy who put a sofa on his head???”

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