Visa Free Countries: Citizens of this country can enter 50 countries without visa, know what are the rules

Visa facilities: Many types of visa facilities are available for Kuwait citizens. According to an official information, any citizen who has a regular passport can enter more than 50 countries without first obtaining a visa. Apart from this, you can get electronic visa for entry into 11 countries.

You can get a visa by reaching the airport in 32 different countries of the world. MP Osama Al-Zaid, Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah have informed that to enter 104 different countries of the world, Kuwaiti citizens have to apply for a visa from the embassies of those countries or get recognized by them. You can also apply for visa from the receiving office.

Permission to enter about 50 countries without visa

Apart from this, it has also been informed that there are about 50 such countries in the world where Kuwaiti citizens do not need to obtain a visa in advance for entry. 10 such countries are in Europe, 3 in Australia and its surrounding areas, 4 in Africa, 13 in America, 7 in Asia and 13 in Arab countries.

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