Visa Free Countries: Now Indians can stay in these 20 countries for so many days without visa! Check list here

Visa Free Countries: Many people wish to travel the whole world, but passports and visas often become obstacles in our path. However, today we are going to tell you about those 20 countries where you can visit without a visa.

New Delhi: Generally, both passport and visa are required to travel abroad, but you will be surprised to know that there are countries in the world where you can travel only with the help of Indian passport. However, today we are going to tell about those countries where Indians do not need any visa to visit. Let us know which are the countries and for how many days you can stay without visa.

1. Seychelles- Can travel without Visa for 30 days.
2. Mauritius- 90 days
3. Maldives – 90 days
4. Svalbard – 30 days
5. Nepal- 180 days
6. Bhutan- 7 days
7. Sri Lanka – 30 days
8. Indonesia- 30 days
9. Thailand- 30 days
10. Saint Lucia – 90 days
11. Neev Island – 30 days
12. Serbia- 30 days
13. Hong Kong SAR- 90 days
14. Montserrat – 180 days
15. Barbados – 180 days
16. Dominica – 90 days
17. Grenada – 90 days
18. Haiti – 90 days
19. El Salvador – 90 days
20. Qatar- 180 days

While traveling in these countries, one has to keep in mind that even though visa is not required, it is mandatory to follow other rules there. Also, special care has to be taken not to exceed the validity of your visa free travel.

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