World Smile Day 2023: Smile.. but know what your smile means

World Smile Day 2023: Smiling is one of the natural qualities of a person. But the way you smile is related to your personality. The way you smile tells about your nature.

World Smile Day 2023: Whenever we are happy, a smile naturally appears on our face. Therefore, smile is a part of the natural qualities of a person. Every person looks beautiful when he smiles and it is also said to be beneficial for health.

Your smile is special not only for you but also for others. Because you can make the day of others with your smiling face and can make even sad people happy. With the aim of making people understand the importance of smile in their lives, every year the first Friday of October is celebrated as World Smile Day or World Smile Day (World Smile Day 2023).

World Smile Day

World Smile Day is celebrated every year internationally on the first Friday of the month of October, which is 06 October this year. The purpose of celebrating this day is to smile and improve the mood. World Smile Day was celebrated for the first time in 1999. The idea of celebrating this day was given by Massachusetts commercial artist Harvey Ball.

Your personality is revealed in your smile

Smiling may be natural, but at the same time, smiling also reveals about your nature, because in Samudrika Shastra, the branch of astrology, it is said that the way a person laughs or smiles tells about his personality. Reveals in. This is the reason why every person’s smile is different from each other. Let us know what your smile says about your personality.

Smiling intermittently-

Some people do not smile or laugh openly, rather they laugh intermittently. These people will smile for a few seconds and then hide their smile and then smile again. However, it feels very strange to see such people and it becomes clear that they keep trying to stop or hide their smile even if they don’t want to. According to Samudrika Shastra, the mental strength of such people is weak and such people do not succeed in any work quickly.

Smile at everything-

Some people smile at everything. These are the people who express their happiness just by smiling instead of saying anything. It has been said about such people in Samudrik Shastra that they are of calm nature and work with patience even in adverse circumstances. Such people are serious, trustworthy and intelligent.

True smile-

When a person gives a true smile, that is, when he thinks about something from within, a smile automatically appears on his face, then he is full of self-confidence. Such a smile shows how comfortable you feel with yourself and that you are a person with a positive personality. The special characteristics of such people are that they are sociable and are completely capable of handling the challenges of their life.

Had an attractive smile-

An attractive smile reflects the simple and soft nature of a person. Such people have the quality of being extremely friendly. These people are open minded to connect with others.

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